Memorial Day 2016

photo cred: Mark Bradford

Today we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to their county. Today we also send extra prayers to those family members who are left behind. Their whole lives have changed because the ones they loved never came home again. Gosh, just wrap your head about that for a moment... never came home again. :( That's basically my nightmare and not something I let myself think about too often. When my hubby is deployed I try to just think of it as a long trip, and not what's truly happening. I walk a fine line between reality and not letting myself go there in my head. Sadly, this is the reality that lots of widows and family members face. We've known several people in the last few years who have been killed and it absolutely breaks my heart thinking about their families today, and let's be real... all days.

Today we thank you for your service to our great country. Today, we pray for people to continue to stand up for the morals and values of this nation. We stand in awe of the sacrifice that these brave men and women have made and we promise to never forget them.  Thank you for the willingness to defend us, because not everyone can do that job.  God bless our military and God bless our military families.

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