10 Reasons Why I LOVE Being a Teacher

I'm linking up again with Karli at September Farm to share a new list of 10!

1. They say the funniest things like, "My mom told me I could be anything... so I decided to be a puppy." haha! They also tell us WAY too much :) Gotta love the family stories.

2. They draw me the cutest pictures of puppies and rainbows. I especially like when they try to draw me. They are usually super cute except for the couple where I look like an oompa-loompa.

3. I get to witness all of the "ah-ha" moments where they finally get something they've been struggling with and now it all makes sense.

4. I get to craft all the time and it's for my job... so fun! I seriously hate glitter but I'll take all the painting and mod-podging I can get!

5. The school day is run by schedules... I LOVE schedules.

6. I work around people who truly want the best for the kids, just like I do. These people are so hard-working and have the biggest hearts.

7. We get summers off! This is such a blessing.

8. The kids always laugh at my jokes... this is a major confidence booster lol!

9. Their phonetic spelling is the cutest thing ever, especially when they spell things VERY wrong and they end up being a bad word. At least they are so innocent that they have no idea! Makes me giggle every time!

10. They give you hugs for no reason at all. You just can't have a bad day when you get a hug by a little one.

Being a teacher is the best! :)

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  1. Love this! Teachers deserve so much recognition! I work closely with early childhood teachers and it is not easy!!