Culinary Curiosity: Liberty Public Market

We recently went to the new Liberty Public Market in Liberty Station. This is located in Point Loma off of Rosecrans. We've gone to Liberty Station for years and it's awesome that they keep adding and improving the area. The Public Market consists of various shops and booths that contain local vendors and locally grown food. The concept is really neat and I love that they have such a wide variety of food and drinks. Although there are a few booths with merchandise, it's mostly food items at this time.

We wanted to try a variety of food and we made our first stop at the raw bar to get some oysters. We tried three different kinds and they were all delicious. 

We also picked up macaroons to have at home later. They were delicious! We loved the strawberry and pistachio :)

They have an area called the Mess Hall that contains a bar and an area with tons of local beers. You can also take your drinks around the entire Liberty Public Market. So fun!

We ended up having bratwurst because most of the other places closed. Mark was super excited about this but I wasn't lol. That's not my go-to meal and I didn't really love it. Mark thought they were delicious though. :)

One of the down-falls of the Public Market is that the booths close relatively early. Some close by 7 pm and some close not too longer after. They don't seem to have set times yet, which can be a little frustrating. I suggest going earlier in the evening on a weekday because it's still super busy.

There are still several booths I want to eat at and I also want to try their coffee. It smells amazing!
Overall, we have loved every visit! To learn more about the Liberty Public Market click here.


  1. That looks like my kind of place! Those macaroons look yummy, although I'd skip over on the oysters.

  2. I come to this place every now and then. The place is really nice, the crowd is full of regulars, and the food and drink specials are pretty good! The staff at event space NYC is great and really gets to know your name. Totally worth your time on any night for good food and drink.