Whole30 Diaries: The Home Stretch

We are officially done with Whole30! YAY!!!!! Even though I'm done, I haven't really stopped eating the Whole30 way. The only thing I've had this is not compliant is a little vanilla in my latte and some honey in a sauce I made for my chicken yesterday. The latte tasted sooo sweet though.. yuck! I don't want to ruin my results and go back to how I used to eat. I do plan on splurging a little this week though. :)

What we ate:

I lost some steam this week when it came to making new and different recipes. So some of these are repeats. Sorry!

Monday: Tacos using the Against All Grain taco seasoning recipe and Siete almond flour tortillas. Disclaimer: tortillas are not compliant, even though the ingredients were fine :)

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner- sweet potato hash, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

Wednesday: Spaghetti squash with homemade meat-sauce and roasted green beans. The green beans were sooooo good!

Thursday: Slow-cooker pork with raisins, almonds, and roasted peppers. I made it into a salad and used salsa as dressing. YUM! You can also use the pork to make tortilla soup- the tortillas lol

Friday: Out to eat- meat and veggie kabobs from Fireside

Saturday: not pictured- we had a sweet potato chili at a friend's house
Sunday- Breakfast- sweet potato hash, chicken sausage, and a banana with cinnamon

 Sunday- Egg drop soup with leftover pulled pork and green onions. SOOO good!

Monday: roasted chicken and broccoli

Tuesday: not pictured- Italian roast and veggies


I feel great! I know I've lost some weight and I truly haven't had any stomach issues that I normally do. I feel energized most days, other than just being worn out by life lol. I am definitely not craving sugary foods like I was before. I've been around gingerbread cookies, candy galore, and cupcakes in the last two days and haven't felt the urge to eat any. YAY! I do miss chocolate but the craving isn't there, which is exciting! 


I haven't really tried any new food this week but I am still loving the RX bars, especially the blueberry kind. I also really love the Dasani raspberry lemonade sparkling water but it has sodium in it, which I was surprised about. I thought that most of the sparkling waters were sodium and sugar free. I dunno, it's still yummy!


Pizza. I REALLY want pizza but I'm scared to eat it because I think my body is going to freak out a bit. I haven't had any gluten or dairy :( I think I'll finally eat some this weekend though!

Final thoughts about Whole30-

I always love my results because I sleep better, feel more energized, and I lose weight. It's really hard to sustain it for long-term though. At some point, I want to drink a beer and have pizza lol. Not saying that I need those things ALL the time but the Whole30 helps me practice moderation afterwards.

Overall, I think the program is great if you want to eliminate some bad habits or see how certain food effect you. When you take beans out of your diet and then realize that you all of a sudden don't have bathroom issues... well there ya go! For me, it really helps with my sugar habit. You don't realize how bad it is until you take it out of your diet and then you realize your addiction is intense. Another great thing is that you start looking at labels so much more. Simple things like yogurt can have a ton of sugar. Even though you don't eat that while your doing Whole30, when you add it back in, you'll be much more conscious of what you are eating. Being aware is key!

If you've been thinking about doing the Whole30, just do it! There are so many resources out there to help you and give you some meal inspiration. Yes, it's a little more expensive than normal grocery weeks, and yes it's annoying to do all the dishes and constantly cook. Your health is worth it though! Also, I really recommend starting at the beginning of the month because it's just so much easier to track your days. :) Good luck on your Whole30 journey!

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