Whole30 Diaries: Week 3 Recap

As I am writing this, we are 25 days into Whole30. HOLY MOLY! We've almost made it! I'm so excited. This is going to be a recap of week 3 and then my final post will cover week 4 and my last few days. So now let's jump into the things you're really curious about... what we ate!

Monday- Buffalo Chicken Casserole: this was one of Mark's FAVE meals of Whole30. I didn't love it. There's something about casseroles that just grosses me out lol. People rave about this dish though, so try it out for yourself.

Tuesday- breakfast for dinner: Mexican brunch potatoes, sautéed portobello mushrooms, bacon, and two fried eggs. Mark cooked them in the bacon grease so that's why they look dirty lol

Wednesday- Proscuitto wrapped chicken stuffed with homemade (whole30 approved) pesto and roasted veggies. This is from the Against All Grain cookbook.

Thursday- I just couldn't get myself to make dinner this night so we went out to eat. I had an ahi tuna sandwich minus the sauces and bun. I ate it as a salad and WOW it was good.

Friday- I honestly cannot remember what we ate. I'm assuming leftovers??
Saturday- Breakfast scramble with sausage

Saturday dinner- Crispy Orange Beef (minus the honey in the glaze) & cauliflower fried rice. This was Mark's favorite thing I've made. SOOO GOOD! It took a lifetime to make though.

Sunday- Tacos with tomatillo salsa and almond flour tortillas. This is where I cheated a little. I didn't realize you can't use tortillas, even if the ingredients are okay with the program. I looked it up after we ate them. Do I regret it... not one bit lol! These are the Siete almond flour tortillas. They are very expensive but are a good replacement for the processed kind. Disclaimer: I'm not encouraging you to cheat on the program. Stay as true to it as you can :)


This week I'm feeling pretty great. My body has adjusted to what we are eating/ not eating. I am getting more sleep and feel more rested. I'm not craving sugar as much, which is a plus. Clothes are starting to fit better so I know I must be losing some weight. I didn't weigh myself before I started, because I really just wanted to focus on eating better. Also, I have NO idea where the scale is from our move lol. 

 I am over ALL the cooking and preparations for food though. My goodness I've never done so many dishes in my life. Mark has been super helpful with that though. I have been having weird aversions to food as well. If we've eaten something the night before, and I smell it again, I feel sick. I have NO idea what's going on and no I'm not pregnant lol. It's frustrating because I'll like the food and then just all of a sudden can't eat it. Oh well!


I have been super into fresh fruit bowls again. Strawberries are starting to taste like a dessert, which is exciting! I have been eating them every morning for a snack. YUM! I am also still craving pizza but more for the habit of it, not because I actually want it that badly. This is a good sign, because my body is changing! 


I am loving avocado on everything! The healthy fat just gives the food more flavor and keeps me full longer. It's super hard to keep avocados in the house that are ripe but not too ripe. Has anyone seen that meme about avocados and the window you have to eat them??? lol I'll try and find it. 

I'm also loving the blueberry RX bars. I found them at Trader Joe's and holy moly they are delicious. 

So that's it for this edition of the Whole30 diaries. Check out my past posts here:

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