Five on Friday: January Confession Edition

Just because I love him! :) Davy is adorable

Good morning everyone and PRAISE THE LORD, it's Friday!!!! This has been the longest, short week ever haha. I really, really need to get some sleep this weekend and recharge. Getting more sleep is actually one of my goals this year... lame I know, but I am a terrible sleeper and it makes me so grumpy in the morning and I know it's bad health-wise too. This is the year of more sleep... hah maybe! If we finally have a baby, I would be fine with the no sleep part :)

1. I'm in a reading rut, I want something new and inspirational! I feel like I've read a lot of books by the same authors in the last couple years and I want some fresh blood. That sounded creepy but you know what I mean! I just ordered this book by Romi Neustadt and I can't wait to read it. No, I'm not full of myself lol (if the title made you think that I am), but the book is about getting out of your own way and building your business. I'm so excited about this read!

2. I'm turning 30 in about a month... crazy right? Didn't I just turn 21 like a few years ago... where does the time go? Anyways, I don't think 30 is old by any means, but it's a depressing thought for me because I'm not exactly where I thought we would be. This wanting a baby, and not getting pregnant thing is getting old. :( How come the show 16 and Pregnant makes it look so easy?? All kidding aside, we are still very hopeful that this is our year. I shared more about this long road we've been on here back in May. Read the post here.

3. I'm doing the Whole30 right now and I can think about is food :( I want a vanilla latte soooo badly and some ice cream would be nice too. How is it that I'm only 5 days in and I'm already sick of all the food. UGH! Anyone have any good snack ideas? We have been eating nuts, fruit, salami, veggies with guacamole, lara bars, etc. I also ordered the whole30 approved RX bars so I'm excited to try those!

4. I am trying to pick my focus word of the year it's actually stressing me out lol! Of course it is... maybe my word should be de-stress lol! I have a lot of goals this year but also there is a lot of unknown in our lives right now that we have no control over. I'm going back and forth between strengthen, mindset, brave, and belief. These are all things that I want to focus on but I'm not sure what word encompasses them all. Stay tuned for when I actually figure it out hah! I'll be sure to do a blog post on it. If you want to see my word from 2016, click here.

5. Now, that we the Christmas tree is put away and we have moved our furniture around, we have a big space near our kitchen table. I want to put in a bar cart but everything I've seen is so expensive. I know Mark could probably make one for us but I need to find something that doesn't require welding.

 image via

from this adorable blog- the piping is so interesting!

from target- but I like the rustic look

image via- I like the look of the cart but I would style it differently

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Have a great weekend!

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