Confessions... My random thoughts :)

I have way too many owl mugs- how cute is this though??

Hi everyone! I haven't done a confessions post in awhile so I thought I would catch you up on my random thoughts haha. Did you miss them??

I confess that...

I have been a reading machine lately. I am REALLY trying to make my goal of 50 books this year. Also, reading is just the best :) I'm such a nerd, I know. Yesterday, I posted about the book All the Missing Girls and how I'm obsessed with it. Scroll down for my review or just take my word for it and buy the book immediately.

I'm not as excited about fall as I usually am. At this point last year, I was begging for cooler weather and a PSL. This year, I am embracing this in between stage but also wishing for more beach days. Summer went too fast. Maybe once it's cool enough to wear boots and cozy sweaters on the reg, I'll be more excited.

I bought this open-front cardigan during the Nordstrom sale and I'm obsessed. I've pretty much worn it every time it gets a little colder at night. I have it in gray and I sized down to a XS, it runs HUGE. I might pick up this maroon color too!

I am finally back to working out. Hallelujah! I was averaging once or twice a week there for a little bit. So terrible! I have the workout bug again and I'm glad I finally do. My jeans are thanking me lol.

The Rodan+ Fields Convention is in less than a month!!! I cannot wait! It's in Vegas, which isn't that exciting for me because I'm from there but I'm still pumped. The new product will be announced and I'm just excited to be in the same place as my fellow team members. YAY!

We are still praying to be blessed by a baby. We've had some new discoveries this summer that have set us back a little but hopefully things will get better soon. I'm not exactly sure yet how much I'm going to share but maybe one day :)

I don't understand this Instant Pot craze. What is this contraption and how does it work??? I feel like I need one but I don't know why lol. Someone help!

People who don't say "excuse me" drive me insane. How rude are you that you think that running into someone isn't a big deal??? UGH! Rant over.

I have been in such a "soup" mood lately but it's still too hot. I found this pin that has 15 different slow cooker soups. I'll be trying these as soon as the temp drops!

I am pretty obsessed with this song. I love his voice!

We already have our Halloween costume picked out. I'm so excited because it will be so easy and comfy but hopefully pretty funny :) Is it too early for that??

Have a great day everyone!


  1. What is Instant Pot? That name totally makes me think of something illegal haha!!!! I read a new book last week and finished it in about 3 days! Its part of a series so I am excited to get the next one :)

  2. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Can't say I've ever heard of the Instant Pot.

  3. I've never heard of the instant pot, but now I'm curious! I'm going to have to look into that. I love reading your blog! Check out mine sometimes!