Five on Friday {A little of everything}

Good morning everyone! This is going up a little later than I expected but I had quite the day yesterday. Let's jump in!

New Bedroom Decor

Our friends Kayla and Greg gave us this adorable sign as a housewarming gift. I posted about it earlier this week but I had to share this picture again because it looks perfect in our room. Thanks guys! I also switched out our comforter because it matches our throw pillows and the room better. I totally forgot we had this comforter! I'm planning on doing a house tour soon. We are still working on the spare bedroom.

The Pioneer Woman Cookware

These bowls don't match our kitchen but they are so cute!! I also love the 4 pack of mason jars with lids. They would be perfect for parties with mixed drinks. 

How cute are these butter dishes?? I love the one on the left. 

My friend Ashley texted me yesterday with pictures of the new fall line by the Pioneer Woman. To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. I LOVE everything. I decided I had to go to Walmart and see everything for myself. Unfortunately, the Walmart we went to didn't have much but they did have some of her new stuff. I have so many of these items on my Christmas wish list already!

On the Weekend Menu

find the recipe here

I found this delicious looking chicken recipe on pinterest and I can't wait to make it this weekend. It looks amazing!!!

find the recipe here

I've been craving chipotle chicken chili for weeks now. It's finally getting cool enough to make some!

Redefine Amp It Up Special

I don't talk about my business a ton on here but this deal is way too good not to share. Right now they are running a special for the Redefine regimen and the Amp MD system. The Redefine regimen is the holy grail of anti-aging. It works on the loss of firmness, pore size, fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin texture. I use it every night and LOVE it. 

The Amp MD system includes the micro-needling roller, the Night Renewing Serum (it feels like silk on your face, love it!), and the cleaning system for the roller. Basically the roller works by using a micro-exoliation technology, in combination with the retinol and peptides in the Night Renewing system, to give your face as more youthful appearance. It works on those fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin texture. It increases collagen production too! I also use this every night and it's a must-have for me. 

So this special that is going on includes the Redefine regimen and the Amp MD system for 20% off and then they will give you an entire box of Acute Care for free! This is a huge deal because these little wrinkle-filling patches are normally over $200. It's basically botox without the needle :) Pretty awesome! I would love to tell you guys more about it if you're interested. :) 

So Thankful

I was dreading this week for awhile now but I'm so thankful it's over and everything went well. I'm also so grateful for my mom who came to be with me and Mark who took care of me. Thank you for all the prayers, texts, flowers, and yummy coffee treat this morning. I have the best friends! 

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