5 Things I Do Everyday to Keep My House Clean

There are certain things that I do every day/ night to ensure the house doesn't get too messy in the hustle and bustle of the week. None of these are life-changing or new ideas but they really help me.  I'm sure you guys do most of these things as well, but I love reading these kinds of posts, so I hope you do too!

One- Empty the Sink and Run the Dishwasher

Every night after dinner, I make sure all the dishes are out of the sink and either cleaned and put away or are in the dishwasher. I don't know what it is but a full sink makes the kitchen look so much messier. I hate it! Plus we've struggled with ants at our new house and dirty dishes scream "Ants, come eat me!" I can't stand ants lol. 

In the morning, I also like to unload the dishwasher. It just helps eliminate dishes piling up in the sink and making the kitchen look messy. Like I said above, that drives me nuts. 

Two- Spray Down the Counters

Crumbs are another thing that drives me nuts. I hate putting my hand down on a counter and have crumbs stick to it. I'm pretty crazy about spraying down the counters after every time I prep food or cook something. It just makes me feel like my kitchen is clean! I love the Method all-purpose cleaner. It smells amazing and does the job! 

Three- Vacuum the Living Room and Kitchen

Our dogs love to track in dirt, grass, and little stickers from the backyard. Vacuuming up all those little pieces makes our house look so much nicer. Plus who likes to walk on hardwood floors and have little pieces of gras sticking to your feet?? Not me! :) I do this everyday and sometimes I'll do our bedrooms too. Keep in mind that our house is around 900 square feet. Not much to vacuum haha!

Four- Pick Up Around the House

Before we head to bed, I always pick up around the house. I fold up and put away blankets, put cups in the dishwasher, put all the dog toys in their bin, etc. It takes less than five minutes but makes my next morning so much better. I also like to get my lunch together the night before, set the coffee maker, and put my computer and other work stuff in my bag. Doing these few things helps in the morning when I'm feeling like a zombie. 

Five- Make the Bed

I love making our bed first thing in the morning. It helps the room to feel more put together and I feel like it sets the tone for the day. It makes me feel like I have my life together if I can at least make the bed lol! I know that sounds crazy, but for me, it really does.  When Mark is in town, he usually leaves after me, so he makes the bed. Either way, it's just a great habit to get into.

What things do you do everyday to ensure your house stay clutter free and put together?? I would love some tips and tricks from you! 

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  1. Making the bed and wiping down the counters makes my house look so much cleaner than it is!