Five on Friday

Week 1 down of the new school year. Technically, I've been back at school for three weeks now but only one week with kiddos. I. am. exhausted. I always forget how little they are and how much attention they need lol. I'm ready for a nice long three day weekend! Have a great day everyone!!

Happy Birthday Tracy

photo cred: Tracy :)

Tracy was in town this week and it just so happens that it was her birthday too. I'm so glad I was able to celebrate with the Wooster fam. :) Plus what could beat that view???

Girl Time

On Monday, Emily and I had dinner at the Wine Pub and it was delicious! The Andini Panini was so yummy! I've had lots of girl time lately since Mark is out of town. I also have some fun plans this weekend. I am so thankful for my girlfriends!!

Disappointing Book

Our first book club choice was a bust. I've heard so many good things about Devil in a White City and I just really didn't like it. I was bored to death during all the details of building the World's Fair. I just couldn't keep up with all the characters and I really just wanted to hear more of the storyline of Holmes. Is anyone in the same boat with this book?? 

Hart of Dixie

So I recently watched all of the seasons of Hart of Dixie. I became pretty obsessed and I was soooo sad when I realized the 4th and last season was only 10 episodes long. I need a new show... any ideas???

Also, I'm pretty obsessed with Lemon and Annabeth and their whole look. Why can't it be normal to dress like this now??? Haha although I do like my workout pants. 


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Have a great weekend everyone!!

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