Whole30 Diaries: Week 2 Recap

Hi everyone! Two weeks down...whew! Last week was a lot better than week 1 but time-wise it was a little harder to get meals on the table. I think hands-down the worst part about Whole30 is the amount of cooking and dishes. I feel like I unload the dishwasher twice a day and wash about a million dishes. I just want to sit down and not worry about cooking lol. We are more than half-way through though... we can do this!

What we've been eating...

Monday: PaleOMG's jalapeƱo popper chicken chili. SOOO GOOD!

Tuesday: chipotle salad bowl with salsa as a dressing (not pictured)
Wednesday: Spicy steak skewers with pineapple, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. This is from the Whole30 cookbook. 

Thursday: Grilled chicken with greens and a half of a potato

Friday: Indian Butter Chicken with cauliflower rice

Saturday: breakfast- two over-easy eggs, sausage, and sweet potato hash

Dinner- buffalo chicken salad with Tessemae dressing

Sunday- Steak, roasted broccoli, and roasted golden potatoes. 


Spicy cocoa almonds- from the Whole30 cookbook


This week I felt like I had no energy. We definitely needed to add more carbs into our diet, so we tried to eat more potatoes. I think this was in combination of it being such a busy week as well. I also felt like I slept better, which is funny because of the lack of energy. I am sticking to my New Year's goals to go to bed earlier and to stay off my phone late at night.

My clothes seem to be fitting better which is great! I still feel a little bloated but it might be from all the nuts I'm eating. I'm going to slow down on those this coming week. :)


I haven't had any major cravings this week other than chips & salsa. I would kill to have that as a snack right now. I'm pretty much over everything we've been making to eat, so I need some fresh inspiration for next week. 

I'm also craving time to make breakfast in the morning. I truly don't have enough time or willpower to make a full on breakfast in the morning which means that I am starving by lunch. I always have some protein in the morning and then fruit as a snack, but I need something more. 


I'm truly loving how much healthier I feel when I do Whole30. I just feel like I am eating good food, that's fueling my body. Now I just need to find the right balance of protein and carbs. :) 


  1. Everything looks so yummy! I want to try butter chicken. My husband has type 1 diabetes and I've really been trying to figure out ways to cook enough healthy carbs for him. It's always a balance but we're getting there! This post is great inspiration for healthy eating!! :)

  2. These meals all look delicious!! Def gonna try the Indian Butter Chicken!

  3. This post is amazing!!! I want to make it ALL!