Weekend Recap {Team Training}

Leader's luncheon

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yesterday just flew by and I didn't get this up in time, whoops! It was a VERY rainy day here in San Diego, which was great for the drought but bad for teachers haha. It's not fun to be stuck in the classroom all day, when the kids just really want to play. :)

This weekend was pretty low key because I wasn't feeling 100%. I feel like I'm coming down with something but not sick enough to not go to work. I just feel kinda blah and have had a rockin' headache all weekend. I'm hoping that I won't actually get sick and can fight this off quickly :)

On Friday, I went to coffee with a childhood friend who I haven't seen in years. It was so nice to catch up and to meet one of her sons. It's crazy how much has changed but at the same time it felt very relaxed and like old times.

Saturday was a full day of Rodan+Fields because we had a team training in the morning and then a leader's luncheon in the afternoon. I always feel so inspired and motivated by these trainings. I love the people I work with and our leadership is top notch. I ended up crying my face off, when I shared my "why" for doing the biz :) It's hard to be vulnerable but always feels good when you let it out!

I qualified for a leader's luncheon and I was soooo excited. Just another great perk of this biz :)

Lazy dogs :)

On Sunday, I stayed in bed for awhile watching Parenthood because I just didn't feel great. I ventured out to run errands and to grocery shop. I ended up going to the mall with a friend as well. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing laundry, making dinner, and getting ready for the week.

Brown butter spagthetti squash with goat cheese crumbled on top- YUM!

Like I said, it was pretty low key but I like to have some down time before the week starts. I hope you all have a great week! :)

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