My Christmas Wish List 2016

So year after year, my Christmas list becomes more and more boring haha. I debated not putting the bundt pan on there but I really do want one lol, I just never remember to buy one for myself. I'm not a huge baker but I really love monkey bread and I can totally make that in a bundt pan. :) I also LOVE getting new cookbooks. I've heard great things about Danielle Walker's new cookbook, Celebrations.

The waffle maker is a must! I really stink at making pancakes but I can't screw up a waffle lol! A bunch of my paleo cookbooks have yummy looking waffle recipes that are healthier than the regular version. Can't wait to try those!

I'm always in need of new workout clothes because I wear them all the time. I'm not saying I workout all the time haha, but I'm in workout clothes a lot. I'm hoping with some new clothes, I will have more motivation to workout too. I also want new Zella leggings but they don't have a very good selection in the high waisted crop version. I've found that I feel much more secure in high waisted workout pants. Also, most of them have mesh on the legs and I already have those in black. I'm keeping my eye out for some new options.

I've gone back and forth about the Cricket vs. Silhouette for years. I feel like the Silhouette will suite me better and I can see myself using it a ton. I know I will for sure use it weekly for my planner stickers and I can think of about a dozen crafts I want to do. This is a pricey present, so I'm not expecting it. A girl can dream though, right??

I talked about this portable phone charger in my girlfriends gift guide. I just think it's adorable and sooo helpful to have a portable charger. I would have loved one this weekend in Disneyland. I don't need this specific one but it is pretty!

I also forgot to add a couple things. This is my favorite candle of all time. I'm obsessed with the scent and it only comes out around Christmas. This is a great gift for anyone on your list too. I've also been eyeing the Harry Potter illustrated books too. They have this one at Costco right now but I'm linking the Amazon version. :)

What's on your Christmas list this year??

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