Five on Friday {Lots of Randoms}

Happy Friday everyone. Can you believe it's December already?? I just LOVE this time of year and I want to savor every moment. In fact, Stephanie and I are heading to Disneyland to surround ourself with all the Christmas goodness. I can't wait!

A Pentatonix Christmas

Pentatonix came out with a new Christmas album and I'm pretty obsessed. They are so stinkin' good and the music just puts me in a festive mood. Did you know that as an Amazon Prime member, you can listen to the album for free? So awesome! Any other Christmas albums you guys are into right now??

A Good Read

I just finished In a Dark, Dark Wood and WOW, it was so good! It's definitely a mystery/ thriller and isn't really filled with Christmas cheer but I couldn't put it down. I definitely recommend that you add it to your must read list now. I'm planning on picking up her second book, The Woman in Cabin 10, soon! 

Gilmore Girls

Have the new Gilmore Girls episodes been out long enough for me to talk about them yet?? They were sooo good! There was some strange parts like the musical. I wasn't really into that and I felt that they stretched it out WAY too long. I also shed a few tears and was so bummed when it was over. Do you guys think they will be coming out with more episodes because of how it ended?? I sure hope they do because I forgot how much I missed their witty banter. Let me know wha you guys thought!

Have you seen all the fun merchandise surrounding the reboot?? I bought my mom and I these shirts and we wore them last Friday. Yes, we are huge nerds but it was fun. I love all the coffee mugs too. This one if my fave... my friend Stephanie sent it to me last week. :)

Ugly Sweater

get it here

My school is having our Christmas party in less than two weeks and I need to find an ugly Christmas sweater. I found some funny options on Black Friday and Nordstrom has some really fun options. I might just make one though... I don't really want to spend $40+ on something that I'm buying because it's ugly haha! 

Because He's Cute...

He's adorable and won't let me work without being on my lap :) 

Have a great day everyone!!

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