Christmas 2016 Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I still can't believe it's over. I get pretty depressed the day after Christmas because there's such a buildup and then bam, it's over! I'm trying to stay in merry spirits today though :) I started my day with a workout, quickly stopped at a couple stores, read for awhile, and now I'm getting ready for a night out with some friends. Stay away, Christmas blues! :)

We got to Vegas on Wednesday night and were able to have dinner with our families. My brother in law just got back in town, so it was great to spend time with him too. Thursday we went shooting for a couple hours and holy moly it was cold. I've been spoiled by the San Diego weather and was freezing lol. I would never survive in the midwest!

On Friday, we went bowling and had dinner at Coyotes. We go bowling every Christmas season and it's always a blast. I was pretty terrible at taking pictures, but you get the idea :)

On Christmas Eve, we started our morning in Boulder City at the Coffee Cup. Mark biked there from my parents house and met us. The food was delicious!

We went to an early church serve at four and then had a yummy dinner at my parents house. The Haneys and Mark's mom and brother joined us. We always have a good time when we are all together.

my dad photo-bombed :)

I borrowed Bob's Christmas present :)

Christmas day was spent opening presents, partaking in a yummy breakfast, a family trip to the movies to see Passengers, a nice ham dinner, and then a game night. We had such a wonderful time and like I said, I'm depressed that it's over already. I'm trying to soak up my last week of break :)

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