Beachy Reads Continued...

So I have been on a major reading kick over the last week and have read two books and made it halfway through a third. I thought I would give you a little "Book Over-review" on the two I finished.

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One True Loves is centered around a tragic accident that leaves Emma with an unbearable choice between love and love. It's no secret that Emma's husband was in a helicopter crash near Alaska and is presumed dead. The story leads into her shocking phone call with the announcement that Jesse is actually alive. Her life has completely turned upside down since that awful day and she has had to cope with never seeing her husband again. Then her life is rocked once more when she finds out he is alive. You read through the heart-breaking choices Emma has to make and the decisions that will ultimately shatter someone's life.

This is a page-turner and a very easy read. I breezed through it in just a few days because I found myself NEEDING to know who she picked. It's hard not to get emotionally involved and to put yourself in Emma's shoes. So heartbreaking but such a good read.

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It's graduation day in Nantucket and the beach is full of high schoolers celebrating their outgoing seniors. The day seems perfect and as it should be, until all of a sudden something goes very very wrong. Penny, Hobby, Jake, and Demeter are in a tragic car accident that will forever haunt them with questions of why. This small community of people is rocked by the sudden death of their beloved daughter and doesn't know how to continue on in her absence. Following the stories of each character you will find how they are woven together by tragedy and secrets.

Such a good book filled with love, sadness, and an overwhelming sense of loss. This is definitely not a feel-good, carefree book but it's still an easy read. I tore through this book as well and I would definitely add it to my list of beach reads.

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