Vegas Week Recap

I am finally home after a long week in Vegas to see my fam. I loved being in Vegas but it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Also, disclaimer... I am from Vegas so this isn't your typical Vegas recap lol! I had a great time seeing friends, hanging by the pool, working on my business, and reading A TON this past week. My mom also hosted a Rodan+ Fields event for me on Thursday. We had LOTS of fun and thank you to all the ladies who came! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics of that... whoops!

Now, it's time to start organizing and cleaning out our place before we move next moth. AHH! Here is a little picture recap of my week :)

I got to watch Davy for a little bit this week- so fun!!

Bentley and Oli are hiding from Copper, my parents Bassett

We went to Top Golf to celebrate Father's Day. We had a blast! I loved it there minus the hefty prices.

I'm chipping, that's why it looks like I'm hunched over lol

This is the face he makes when I saw, "Let's take a selfie!" lol 

Uncle Bob from the U.P.

We tried out the new Mexican restaurant in GVR. The food was sooo good and great happy hour prices!
Baby Davy and his mama

Ignore the mess behind me- how cute is this top???

Davy at the 51s game
 We didn't get to see Chase pitch at the game this weekend. Huge bummer but I was glad that I at least got to see him. Last year, we were able to go to a ton of games but our schedule just hasn't allowed it this year.

The pups were exhausted on the way home

Fun Rodan+ Fields surprise in the mail!

Too tired to eat my bone

Such a fun time! This week coming up is super busy but Mark comes home tomorrow. WOOHOO! I'm so excited. I hope you have a great week!

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