Weekend Recap

Holy moly this weekend was jam packed. I feel like I didn't sit down and relax at all but that's okay because we were too busy having fun. :) Prepare yourself for picture overload. I'll try to keep the wordiness to a minimum because I have a feeling this is going to be long. Grab a snack and maybe something to stay hydrated lol... just kidding, but really though.

My parents got into town around 7:00 p.m. on Friday. Their flight was a little delayed. Then we headed over to Soda & Swine because they were excited to check it out. Our friend Jake got there early and saved us a table. THANK YOU!! This helped a ton because it was packed when we arrived. Dina and Greg joined us for dinner and it was a seriously good time. I love these people! Afterwards we walked over to Stone Brewery so the guys could play Bocce.

Dina and Greg 
The Fam
Jake and Dina

Fries with pork belly and gravy...yum!


On Saturday the guys left early for golf and my mom and I headed to one of my fave walking spots, Sunset Cliffs. It was still pretty stifling outside with this crazy humidity so we didn't last very long. Still gorgeous though.

After breakfast and coffee at Einsteins we headed home to get ready and then to run errands. I needed to find a dress for a couple weddings and another event we have coming up. The next few weekends are super busy so Saturday was my one chance. I found one, YESSSS! Then we made our way to the commissary to shop for tailgating. We went home and prepped food for most of the afternoon and then went to dinner at Pizza Port.

Afterwards we took my parents to Reunion which is a dive bar down the street from our place. They had a band playing which was actually pretty good. The guys played pool and my mom just hung out and chatted. Such a fun night!

Sunday morning was all about football. We packed the coolers and the truck and headed to Qualcomm to tailgate. We made breakfast burritos ahead of time and warmed them up in tin foil on the grill. We also made corn dip, guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo to go with an assortment of chips. Can you tell we are dip people?? lol

the Lions fans

The game was a blast and we had great seats. The only problem was the extreme heat and the humidity. Normally in San Diego the weather is pretty good all year round but this heat wave is killing me. I know I'm dramatic but I'm seriously over this weather. Anyways, enough whining lol... The Lions lost (sad for my parents) but since the Chargers won my hubby was super happy. Such a fun weekend and now time to go to bed early. I hope you all had a blessed weekend!

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