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We are currently on our way to Half Moon Bay. I am so excited for a fun weekend away, especially since the weather is supposed to be much cooler! YAY! Once again this week was pretty crazy and I'm ready to unwind this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some beautiful pictures to share on Monday. Happy Friday everyone!

One- Rhys' Birthday Dinner

My friend Rhys' birthday was on Tuesday and a few of us went out to celebrate the birthday girl. We went to Rustic Root downtown for a pre-dinner drink. It was such a cool atmosphere and I can't wait to go back there. The 2nd level was all open and it was the perfect night to sit outside. 

Then we headed to Blush for dinner. Everything was served family style which is my favorite! I love ordering a bunch of dishes and being able to try everything. The food was delicious and I especially loved the Wasabi Hashbrowns... great recommendation Dina! :)

It was such a fun night out with some of my favorite people. I love that no matter how busy we all get it just feels relaxed and fun to be together. Happy Birthday Rhys!!!

Two- NYX HD Concealer

Buy it here. 
I bought this concealer last weekend at Ulta and I'm in LOVE! It blends like a dream and doesn't look cakey or heavy like many other concealers. The color seems to match me perfectly and is just the right amount of a pinky undertone. I bought the color C3 which doesn't seem to translate to the colors online. It was the third lightest shade but matches me pretty well. I have a hard time finding a concealer that doesn't settle into fine lines so I was thrilled to see that this one wears so well. Plus the under $4 price tag is awesome!

Three- Green Utility Vest

I finally found a mossy green utility vest! I have been searching for one for a few weeks but didn't want to pay $80. While I was at TJ Maxx last weekend I spotted a single vest on a rack by itself. I quickly grabbed it and practically sprinted to the dressing room. It felt pretty well although I wish they had a small to try on. It was on sale for $40 and I had a $25 gift card, woohoo! Hopefully it will be cool enough for me to wear it this weekend. I can't seem to find this exact one online but it's a Lucky brand vest. If I find it I'll link it under the picture. Sorry!

Four- Fall Cups

Okay, here I go being a cliche but I can't help it! I love the new fall cups at Starbucks! They are so fun and just increase my itch for some cooler weather. I've officially switched to hot lattes instead of iced because if the weather won't cooperate I'll just pretend it's fall by my beverage choices :) Great idea right?? 

Five- Workout Inspiration and Lack-there of

Find this week's schedule here.

I have had the hardest time getting motivated to workout and to eat healthy lately. I think that with school starting again and how busy we've been (with people in town or us out of town) that I just don't have the energy. Plus when I'm out of my routine I tend to stay out of the routine. Isn't that crazy how we can work out religiously and then we stop for a week and all of a sudden we feel like it's impossible to find time?? Ugh, that bugs me. Enough with the whining... I am going to make a change. I signed up for the Fit for Fall challenge with Tone It Up and it started this week. Well week one was a fail for me because I only did two of the workouts but I'm hoping to sneak in a couple more this weekend on our trip. The Tone It Up online schedule makes it easy to find a workout and helps to give you options in case you don't have weights or a kettebell. Anyone else doing the challenge??

+1 Just because I can :)

Just a little shout out to my hubby... he knew I was super stressed this week and while I was out running errands on Wednesday he made me dinner. This was so sweet because I really did NOT want to stand in the hot kitchen after I had a long day. Plus he cleaned up :) I'm a lucky girl!

As always I'm linking up with AprilNatashaChristinaKarliErikaNarci, and Andrea :) Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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