Crazy About Cookbooks Part 1

So I am one of those people who reads through an entire cookbook, cover to cover. I like to soak up all the tips and tricks, the fun anecdotes from the author, stare at all the beautiful food pics, and get an overall feel of what kind of food and kitchen the author is sharing. Cooking is a huge passion of mine and I especially like to try new recipes.  I truly wish I was as creative as these cookbook authors. How do they just put recipes together like that? I have no idea!

Anyways I thought I would start a series sharing some cookbooks that I have had my eye on and some of my loves from my current collection. So here we go...

What I have my eye on...

Kimberly is from the band Little Big Town... isn't she adorable?? Buy it here
Oh Gussie! by Kimberly Schlapman

I heard about Oh Gussie! a few months ago on the Highway (a Sirius radio station) during an interview with Kimberly. She talked about her new cookbook and it sounded right up my alley. Hearing her passion for cooking and all things southern it warmed me to the core and I knew I needed this cookbook in my life. When I finally saw it in a store I was immediately hooked by it's colorful pictures, delicious sounding recipes, and stories from growing up in the south. She has so many personal touches in the book that it makes it feel like she is giving you a glimpse into her life one recipe at a time. She has various sections in the book labeled Family, Friends, Music, Home, and Away. I loved reading about her family and their history in the first section and I can't wait to own this so I can dive deeper. This book is currently sitting in my shopping cart on Amazon and I may purchase this very soon. 

From my collection...

Buy it here
Buy it here

Against All Grain & Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker

I actually have both of Danielle Walker's cookbooks and I love them. In both books she gives a great overview of her autoimmune disease and how this effects what she eats. She gives meals planning ideas for 8 weeks in the Meals Made Simple cookbook. This is a great feature for any busy person but especially those who are new to the whole grain-free/ paleo lifestyle. I love that she makes grain-free eating so approachable and easy. I have made several of her recipes and our favorite is her prosciutto wrapped chicken with pesto. It's a great option for those busy nights, especially when you make the pesto ahead of time. Mark LOVES this dish and asks me to make it quite often. I also love her taco seasoning. I made it a few weeks ago and have used it with several meals like her chicken tacos and roasted sweet potatoes.  These cookbooks are seriously awesome and I recommend them to anyone who has a gluten free lifestyle or anyone trying to eat healthy. Also, her story is pretty incredible. It will leave you teary eyed and make you want to hug her!  Check it out at:

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