Five on Friday

It's FRIDAY and it's September! Yay I'm so excited! We are heading to Vegas today to see family, friends, and Baby Davy! I can't wait to meet the little guy!!! I'm linking up with April, Natasha, Christina, Karli, Erika, Narci, and Andrea :) Happy Friday everyone!

1- Serious Hair Help

My hair is way past the point of needing a trim, I need a serious overhaul lol. I haven't gotten my hair cut since Mark came home from deployment which was months ago. It's very grown out and my bangs literally just lay flat to my head. It's bad! My hair stylist moved to Hawaii, boo... I love Devon and she always did a fantastic job. I am going back to my hair stylist in Vegas, Robin. She is equally as fabulous but it means I have to make an extra trip to Vegas every time I want to get it done. It helps that my family and friends live there, plus I love catching up with Robin :) Long story short long, I am getting my hair done on Saturday. Praise the Lord! I want to do something a little different so I've been searching for ideas. Here's what I am thinking...

It's basically a much richer version of how my hair looked this summer. Plus my hair tends to get super brassy as it grows out. I love the golden undertones of Jessica Biel's hair in the pic above. I also wish I was brave enough to do something different with my side-swept bangs. I've had them forever and I hate how I look when they get too long. Ugh!

2- The Perfect Fall Sweater

I've been on a serious hunt for the perfect mustard yellow sweater. I know I am way late to the game since it was a trend a few years ago but I still want to find one. I think the color can be super flattering especially on brunettes. Here are a few inspiration photos...

Found here

I haven't found any mustard sweaters in stores lately that I like.  All these pics are from a few years ago so I'm not having any luck there. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thanks :)

3- Tone It Up Workouts

I have a membership at Orange Theory Fitness but I haven't been working out there as much as I normally do. It's mainly because with school just starting I'm pretty exhausted everyday and I haven't wanted to commit to a specific workout time.  I have been doing a ton of workouts at the track lately though. I love that I can workout outside and change up my routine a little. I've been walking and/ or doing sprint intervals and then lots of body weight workouts. I have been using a few of the Tone It Up workouts and I love the new one they posted this week. It's simple but effective... my thighs were on fire!

4- The Pioneer Woman Cookware

Isn't the cow milk holder so cute??
Get Ree's Cookware here

Ree's cookware, bakeware, and dinnerware line just launched online at I am obsessed! Everything is so adorable in a country chic/ eclectic way. Her line totally reminds me of her and is true to her down to earth and sweet style. Several items are already out of stock which seriously bums me out. I'm excited for them to launch in store so I can actually seem them in person. Here are a few of my favorites though. 

5- Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's song Smoke Break is so good! I can't get enough of it!


  1. I just bought a mustard coloured sweater from Target (I think it might be the middle picture), and love it so much that I also bought it in navy blue. I get so many compliments on it.

  2. Hmm I'll have to check Target this weekend when I'm in Vegas. My target didn't have any in that color. Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. love all those hair styles, mine is similar but I'm with you in deep need of a refresh ASAP! So funny I stumbled across your blog today, we're bookin a vegas trip for November!

    1. Isn't it funny how our hair goes from great to all of a sudden we need a cut ASAP lol? Where is the in between stage?? :)
      Have you ever been to Vegas? You guys will have a blast! I'm from Vegas so it doesn't hold the same appeal to me but I love going home to visit family and friends.