Weekend Recap {Still Hopping Around & Bachelorette Party}

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was great because Mark is home! Yay!! I am normally totally fine being home alone for weeks and months on end but this darn knee issue has been such a pain. If I want to carry anything at all, I have hop around because I can't hold anything in my hands while using my crutches. So annoying! I am hoping that after my MRI this weekend and then my appointment a week later, I will know what the damage is to my knee. Praying it won't be too bad of a recovery!

Taking a break while attempting to lug my laundry upstairs :(

On Friday, I went to dinner with my friend Ashley. We grabbed some Mexican food and had great girl talk. So fun to be able to relax and chat with a girlfriend!

On Saturday, I worked on school ALL morning, trying to get my remediation groups together for testing. It's coming up in just a few shorts weeks. AHHH! Mark came home in the afternoon and I was so glad to squeeze in a little time with him before heading to a friend's bachelorette dinner. We went the the Cavalier and ate at Becca. I was so excited to check out the Cavalier since it just recently reopened. SO pretty and the food was delicious! I want to go back when I'm not on crutches!

Sunday was spent working on school some more... boring lol! Then Mark and I grabbed lunch at Wasserhund. I LOVE their pizza and beer. SO good! We also ran some errands and finally got a new grill. Yay for being able to grill this summer!! It makes clean up so easy and is relatively healthy depending on what you make.

This week is busy busy busy but I'm going to try and post a book over-review soon. I've been a reading machine lately! Have a good week!

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