Charlottesville Weekend Recap

Mark's Patagonia sweater will be in pretty much every picture... this is his new fave clothing item lol

Hey everyone! I am back today with a recap of our weekend in Charlottesville, VA. We had a BLAST and it was just what I needed. I only wish the trip was a little longer because there was more that we wanted to do/ see. Good thing we only live a few hours away!

We arrived in Charlottesville on Saturday morning and immediately walked around the little area by our hotel to check it out. We stayed at the Downtown Residence Inn by Marriott and the location was pretty great. We were in walking distance from everything we wanted to do, except the wine tasting.

When our friends, Carly and Joey, got to the hotel we met up with our driver for the day, George. Funny story, Carly actually found George on Craigslist where he advertised that he would drive us around to the wineries for $12 an hour!! We were stoked but also a little skeptical about this Craiglist arrangement. George ended up being a really nice guy and we made it back safely :)

Our first winery stop was King Family Vineyards. This was probably my favorite because of the beautiful views and the wine was super good! This was also the busiest out of the wineries but they had plenty of room for everyone. I will definitely go back here again!

Our next stop was Grace Estate Winery. We liked the wine here a lot and the people were really nice. We brought our own food and made a charcuterie board which we called Car-cuterie lol. I would visit here again for sure!

Our next stop was Stinson Vineyard and this was our least favorite. The person helping with our tasting was really rude and although it was super cute, I won't go back.

Our last stop for the day was Knight's Gambit Winery. The tasting was in what looked like a home and was super cozy and casual. The people working there were really nice and I would love to go back for another tasting. Plus they had the cutest pony on the property that just roamed around. So adorable!

George took us to a "secret" lookout before heading back to the hotel. This detour caused lots of laughs and is a great memory :)

Not the best photo of us lol but the view is pretty!
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to change and then headed to our dinner reservation at Tavern & Grocery. Carly and I both ordered from the tasting menu and holy moly it was sooo good! We also had some sparkly gin drink which has changed my opinion on gin... yum!

Next, we ventured out to a few local bars. We had a great time but were all exhausted from the day's festivities. We walked back to the hotel to call it a night.

Head back one there tomorrow to see part 2 of the trip!

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