Charlottesville Weekend Part 2

If you haven't read about the first part of our weekend in Charlottesville, click here to to read it first.
Sunday morning we ventured out to find a spot for breakfast. We had heard that Bodos Bagels was delicious so we walked over there from out hotel. Unfortunately, it was closed so we had to find anther place. We ended up eating at the Grit Cafe which was pretty good, but nothing to write home about :)

Afterwards, we walked around a little to check out the shops and to find a place for a great Bloody Mary. We ended up at the Commonwealth Skybar which I was excited to see because I had read that the food and drinks are great. We sat outside on the skybar to people dog watch and have a bloody mary. They were delicious!

Our friends had to leave so we headed back to the hotel and Mark and I took a nap. Does anyone else feel guilty if they nap on vacation?? I feel like I am missing out on fun but I was exhausted! A little later we decided to walk around the downtown area and check out some breweries. The first that we went to was Three Notch'd. We had a beer flight and we loved everything we tasted, minus the IPAs because I despise them lol. Mark was into them though!

Next, we went to Champion (on recommendation from someone at Three Notch'd). It was a smaller brewery but nice to sit outside. At this point we were starting to get hungry so we started walking to the Korean place we had seen earlier. My dad always raves about Bibimbap so Mark really wanted to try it. Holy moly it was delicious!! We shared a bowl since we wanted to "food tour" which is basically our way of trying lots of food at different places lol.

Next, we ventured down to the Graduate hotel. We saw their rooftop restaurant, Heirloom, from down the street and wanted to check it out. The views were pretty incredible and the drinks were yummy! We shared a chicken sandwich, which was pretty good.

Afterwards we strolled through the UVA grounds. It was gorgeous!! Mark and I both agree that we would love for our future babies to go to school here just so we can visit :) That's a good reason, right?? We really wanted to make one last stop at an oyster bar, Public Fish & Oyster, that we found down the street from our hotel. We got there right before they closed and they were so cool about still serving oysters. I hate inconveniencing people but they convinced us that it was no problem. Some of the best oysters I've had in a long time, plus a super cool vibe.

The next morning, Mark grabbed us some bagels from Bodos while I got ready. The bagels really did live up to all the hype. So good!! Then we headed out to Monticello. We walked around the property for awhile until it was time for our tour of the house. Mark totally geeks out when it comes to history but I have to say, I was pretty into it also :). There were some awkward interesting questions asked on the tour but other than that it was great.

We ended up being at Monticello for awhile so we didn't have a ton of time in Williamsburg for the last part of our trip. We should have planned this part better since we got there when all the tours were closing down. We tried to go into a couple places in Merchant Square but it was all super touristy and (for the most part) we had terrible service. :(

We stopped by the Williamsburg Winery to do a little tasting and this ended up being a good experience. The ladies working there were super nice and told us about a few spots to go later on. One of the suggestions was The Amber Ox for dinner. The food was soooo good! We had the meatballs as an appetizer and I would highly suggest them. I could have licked the bowl lol. We stayed there to watch the NCAA Tournament Championship game. Sadly, Michigan lost. :(

The next morning we had to pack it up early because Mark had to work. It was a great trip and so fun to explore more of Virginia!

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