Weekend Recap {Anniversary & Moving}

So by now you know that we are moving across the country to Virginia Beach, VA. If you're confused then read this post to get caught up :) Most of our week was spent getting ready for the move, waiting for the movers, and just cleaning up after the movers lol. It should have been much easier but it was all a pain in the butt. The saving grace in all this was being together for our anniversary. YAY! This marked 5 years for us and I still can't believe it. Didn't we just get married??

The 29th was our actual anniversary and we spent most of the day at our house sitting around while the packers worked on packing up our lives lol. Mark worked on the backyard a ton to clear out our adorable planters and all the other things Mark built. I will miss all those but I'm excited for him to build more for us ;) After the packers left, we headed to our hotel, got ready, and then made our way to C-Level on Harbor Island. This is one of my favorite restaurants. Yes, it's touristy but it has great food and the views are awesome. That's a win in my book! We had planned on going to a movie later that night so we knew we would be at the restaurant for awhile. We had quite the culinary experience and ordered tons of appetizers over the course of a couple hours. Prepare yourself for food pics :)

We ended our night with coffee and a Mud Pie, which holy moly it was delicious!! We didn't make it to the movie because we were too tired lol. Man we are old. There was just too much going on this week to really celebrate our anniversary but Mark has assured me that we will do something awesome to celebrate after all this craziness is over. :)

On Friday, we got up early to get stuff done and then went to the house to wait for the movers. They ended up being 7 hours late... so that was fun. It was a total wasted day but we couldn't do anything about it. We ended up going to see Baby Driver at the Lot that night though. 1. Baby Driver was awesome and 2. I'm going to miss the Lot :(

Saturday was wonderful because we didn't have to set an alarm, first day all week! We had breakfast at Harbortown where I had donut pancakes. Ugh, I felt so sick afterwards lol. Then we went to the house to patch holes and clean up the rest of the stuff that couldn't be moved. We ran more errands and then went back to the hotel before dinner. We ended up having dinner at Suppanee and it was delicious! Best Thai food I've ever had!

The next morning I had to say goodbye to Mark for at least a month. Ugh, goodbyes are the worst. We've definitely been apart longer but it's always sad no matter how long. I spent the rest of the day with Dina and Meaghan. We had a late brunch at Queenstown in Little Italy and then went shopping. We ended our night with sunset views at Tower 23 in PB. Such a perfect way to end my time in San Diego.

 Like I've said over and over again, I am so thankful for all the incredible people I've met. I'm miss you all already!  I made my way to Vegas this morning to spend a few weeks with my fam before the next adventure begins!


  1. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  2. This event space is so special! Speaking of special, this is how our evening went. I met my buddies in the downstairs part, which is more than just an average kind of bar with a lot of woodwork.