Surprise! We're Moving

So I have been pretty quiet about this on my blog and social media (until this week) but it's now official and I can talk about it. We are moving to Virginia Beach, VA! As we speak, I am sitting in our boxed up house, waiting for the movers to finally get here. They are almost 6 hours late now. Yay :(

Mark got home last weekend and we've spent the last few days getting our house ready to be packed and moved. It's so crazy to think about leaving San Diego. Mark and I started dating when he was already living here and I was in Las Vegas. I spent almost three years driving back and forth and then four years living here. We have met some of the BEST people while living in SD and have loved being near some of Mark's family. I have a big support group here with some of the most genuine and kind women I've ever met. I also had a job that I LOVED and worked with such amazing people. This is also where we spent our first married years and finally moved into our perfect little beach cottage last year. I still can't believe that as of tomorrow, it won't be ours any more. Wow, can I make this any ore depressing lol???

On a happier note, I'm super excited to be living in a new city and to be close to so many places we've never visited. The east coast will be a BIG change for us but I'm ready for the adventure. Well, I say that now but I'll probably cry my face off when I actually leave San Diego lol. It's going to be a good move :) Plus we can finally afford a house! Hallelujah!

I've been reminiscing on all of our great memories while in San Diego, so here is just a small handful of ALL the amazing times we've had here. Sorry for the LARGE picture dump but I'm feeling sentimental :) Here we go...

Going away party

Mike's rehearsal 

Mark's 30th birthday

Fam in town- OB pier

My birthday??? I don't know lol

Sara's birthday

Coronado concert in the park

Going away party with our hosts and Goose :)

Seaport Village

The Maxwell's surprise wedding

Jen's wedding

Our going away party

Mark's 30th birthday

Disney with the Weldins

At the beach with the Maxwells

Book club

Bike day by the harbor

Surprise 30th birthday party in Temecula

Visit from my Reno besties


Harbortown for my birthday a few years ago

Sam and Kip's Wedding

Halloween :) Obvi

Canfields in town for Breyen's birthday

Dinner out with Grammie and Jeff

Michael and Tracy's wedding

New planters and our puppies :) 

Harbor cruise

Moonshine Flatts

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