Weekend Recap {Wedding fun}

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, I know I did! I feel like I'm still recovering from how quickly it went by. Holy moly! I drove home to Vegas on Friday after school and I was really hoping that I wouldn't hit traffic. Ha, like that was going to happen! Well, it ended up taking over 7 hours to get there. Why is that drive getting worse????? Okay rant over.

 So the next morning, I went to my hair appointment and then was supposed to go shopping and to lunch with my mom and sis. My plans changed though because my phone all of a sudden wouldn't turn on. I've had a ton of issues with it in the last few months but I was trying to just make it work. Well, driving all the way back to San Diego with no phone was not going to happen. Thankfully, I was able to get another one with enough time to go home and get ready for the wedding.

The purpose for my weekend in Vegas was to watch one of my closest friends get married. It was seriously one of the most beautiful venues. It was on a golf course and overlooked the water. So pretty! The bride looked absolutely stunning and the groom cleaned up pretty well too. :) It was so fun to spend some time with our second family and really good friends. We danced a ton and had a blast! It was a bittersweet night because it just made me miss Mark even more. I know he really wanted to be there and was sad to miss his best friend's wedding.

My parents :)

The groom and Mama Hellem

Haha best photo bomb!

My date (Katie) and her date lol!


The next morning I packed up and started my drive back to San Diego. Once again, traffic was terrible and I was driving all day. What is it about driving that makes you so tired?? I felt like I ran a marathon when I got home and all I did was sit haha! Oh well! It was a great weekend and the trip was well worth it.

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