Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend, my parents and my sister came to visit me. It's always fun to have people in town, even if we are squished in my tiny home lol. The weekend flew by but we were able to pack in a lot of fun. Let's recap the weekend!


I spend the night cleaning my house and getting ready for visitors. I am my mother's daughter through and through and needed the house to look perfect for guests. Dina saved me from spending my entire Friday night cleaning, and we went to dinner at Pizza Nova. I love some good pizza, a glass of red wine, and good conversation!


The morning was spent grocery shopping and cleaning some more. My house was a mess from being busy all week. My parents got to SD around lunch time and we headed to Home & Away from some yummy tacos and nachos. They have the BEST nachos! Then we headed to the NEX to shop a little before deciding what to do for the rest of the day. Dina suggested that we check out the OB Brewery because they have a great view of the ocean. We made our way to OB and luckily found a spot on the top floor. The views were incredible and it was perfect day to be outside.

We decided to watch the sunset from the Pier and oh my gosh it was soooo beautiful! If you know me personally, then you know I have a major thing for sunsets. It just makes me feel so happy and grounded. Seeing it while standing way out on the pier was a pretty incredible experience. No green flash, but still great!

We walked to Pizza Port for dinner because it was close and we were all pretty hungry. They have the best pizza! Yum!


My mom and I went on a walk on Sunday morning by the harbor. It was a little chilly outside but nice to be in the fresh air. When we got back to the house we made breakfast and then headed to the beach. I was pretty cold the whole time we were there but it was still beautiful outside. I got to dive into my new book, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and so far I have no idea what to think. It's just strange lol. I'll update you all soon. 

Afterwards, we went to Mike Hess Brewery because my dad has been dying to go there. They tasted some beer and we played Uno. Super relaxing and fun time. Then we headed home to get ready for our dinner. 

We ate at Salvucci's and I just seriously LOVE it there. The food was delicious and the atmosphere is just adorable. My mom and I shared a pizza that had figs (among other things) and holy moly, YUM!

 We had a great Mother's Day weekend and I hope you did as well. I received the sweetest text and phone calls from friends who know how hard this weekend is for me. I know I will be a mom someday though... and in the meantime, I will celebrate all the incredible moms in my life! 

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