Happy Monday everyone! I meant to post this on Friday but last week was a doozy! I had something going on almost every night and Thursday was Open House at my school. It just makes for a LONG week. I feel like I say that every single week now lol, but school has just been crazy. :) To all the mamas out there, I hope you had a wonderful day!

I picked this as our next book club read to kind of break up all the thrillers I've been into. I do LOVE a good suspenseful book but something different here and there keeps things interesting. So far I really love this story about two women's parallel lives decades apart. You hear Margie's story on her adventure in Paris and Madeline's struggles trying to fit this perfect mold of a society wife. I'll keep you updated on how I like it when I'm finished.

Hulu just released this series and it's adapted after the book The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I read the book a few months ago and was really intrigued by the storyline. I was sooo excited to hear that it was going to be a television series. It's basically centered around the idea of returning to "traditional values" but in a twisted and controlling way. The roles that women are forced to play are very different from the societal norm today but they are sheltered and segregated to ensure compliance. I'm only a few episodes in and I love it already!

Eating: RX bars

Since Mark has been gone, I have NOT been in the mood to cook. I'm just too tired at the end of the night so I have been surviving off of RX bars. They keep me feeing full and taste sooo good. I love the Coffee Chocolate or Peanut Butter. I get mine at Trader Joe's because they are actually less expensive than Amazon. I will link the Amazon options here but definitely go to Trader Joe's if you have one near you. 

I grabbed a couple of these the other day and LOVE how luxurious they make a bath feel. Who doesn't love pink bubbles??

Wearing: Invigorate Tights

I just recently got a new pair of leggings from Lululemon and I'm obsessed. I have worn that a ton already and love they way they feel and fit. They are pricing but so worth it! 

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