Weekend Recap {Playing Tourist}

Good morning everyone! Wow, we had a whirlwind of a weekend and I am exhausted today lol. It was Mark's last weekend in SD, so we didn't make a ton of set plans. We wanted to keep things open to whatever we felt like doing :)

On Friday, we went and had pizza in Coronado and then had ice cream at Moo Time. So yummy! We drove around the island for awhile, looking at all our favorite houses. We got home pretty early and I jumped onto a business meeting with some of my teammates. It was month-end and LOTS of exciting things were happening for our team. It was a super late night but worth every minute to be able to celebrate with the girls.

My head is cut off but you get the idea :)

On Saturday, Mark has some errands to run in the morning, so I cleaned and took the dogs to get their hair cut. I need to get a picture of them sitting still so I can show you guys. They look adorable! Later on, we met up with some friends in Coronado. They were watching the South Carolina v. Gonzaga game. We ended up staying in Coronado for the rest of the night, just riding our bikes to different bars/ restaurants. Such a random night but it was a blast!

We had a lazy morning on Sunday, even though we both got up early. Mark decided he wanted to go to the Star of India down in the harbor because he's never been. We decided to take our beach cruisers since it was only about 4 miles away. We ended up riding around downtown to different touristy spots and had lunch at Ironsides. The lunch was incredible! Lobster roll for the win :) It was the perfect weather and such a beautiful day in San Diego.

On Sunday night, we went to dinner with Mark's cousins and then saw Beauty and the Beast. I'm sure a ton of you have already seen it but WOW it was so good. I definitely had a few tears at the end lol. I'm such a sucker for movies like this.

As I said before, it was a jam-packed weekend but so much fun to get to do so many San Diego things with my hubby. I'm ready to tackle the week, but first coffee. :)

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