Current Trend: Off the Shoulder

Blue gingham  |  Blue  |  Taupe

I have been loving all the off the shoulder/ cold shoulder tops. There are so many options out there so I have compiled some of my faves, including this adorable floral dress. I like that it highlights an area that most women feel confident about and can be flowy on the bottom to hide the other parts haha :) I am all about flowy tops!

I just recently purchased the blue and white striped top (center of the top row) from the Loft and I love it! It's so comfy and looks really cute on. It's hard to tell the fit in this picture, but you get the idea ;)

I think the long-sleeve versions are a great way to transition into spring. Most nights are still cool enough that I want my arms covered, so this top is perfect! It would also look cute with colored jeans, like a coral or yellow.

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