What I Gave Up for Lent

I don't typically give up anything for Lent mainly because I have a hard time sticking to it and it ends up being all I can think about lol. The point isn't to torture yourself, it's to give up something and focus that energy on God.

So, sticking with the focus being on Him, I chose to give up social media in the morning. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal but I end up getting sucked in first thing in the morning and a. I waste a ton of time and b. don't end up doing my morning devotional. Both of these start my day off on the wrong foot.

So I decided that I will do my devotional right when I wake up and then use the rest of the time for prayer. So far, I've done pretty well and have stayed off of social media. I've been using the She Reads Truth app for my daily devotionals, along with Jesus Calling. I know some of you are thinking, well why didn't you give up social media in general? Well, I use it for my business haha and I don't want that to suffer. I just think it's important to be conscious of when/ how long I go on social media and not let it suck me in for an hour lol.

Has this been life changing? Not exactly, but do I feel like it has helped start my day in a more purposeful way. I can connect with the Lord first thing instead of being sucked into the social media tunnel. Which we all know how it can totally consume us lol.

Did you give up anything for Lent this year? I would love to hear about it and how it's going!

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  1. I love that. Lent is a great reminder for me to spend more time in prayer and focus less on myself. Well said friend!