It's been a long week so I'm going to keep this short today. I thought I would share some things I've been reading, watching, etc. I love to get a peak into people's lives and what they are interested in at the moment. Here goes!


So far, it's pretty interesting but I'm not sucked in yet. That's mostly because I just finished Behind Closed Doors and HOLY MOLY that was good. I'm trying not to compare the two but it's hard to avoid that. 

Listening to: The Handmaid's Tale
I didn't think this book was up my alley but it came highly recommended, so I decided to give it a try. I am definitely interested though. I find myself listening to it even when I'm not in my car, so that's a good sign. I will keep you guys updated on my final review.

Watching: The Crown
I just started watching this Netflix eries and so far it's super good. I'm only two episodes in, so I will let you know how I like it after I watch more. 

Eating: Mexican food
I have been on such a Mexican food kick. I want all the chips & salsa I can get lol!

Drinking: Dasani Black Cherry Sparkling Water

Wearing: Old Navy tanks, plaid shirts, jeans, and flip flops have been my jam lately. These flip flops are the best and only $12. 

Loving: Tulips

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Monday with my weekend recap. :)

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