Book Over-review: The Milliner's Secret

This was such an interesting and different book from what I've previously read. I love books set during World War II but I've never read anything remotely close to this story. The book starts in London in the late 1930's- post the first World War and on the brink of the second. Cora Mason, a poor factory girl,  won a ticket to a famous horse race and gets to venture out with a very ritzy crowd. It's on this day, that she meets a stranger who will change her life forever.

Dietrich, this stranger, is a high-ranking German who helps her escape from a seemingly small life and gives her a new identity as Coralie de Lirac.  This false identity will give her opportunities she never had in England and will provide her with the security she needs to survive the upcoming war. This will be key during the Nazi occupation of Paris, which was obviously a very dangerous time. One can argue that it is even more dangerous to be an imposter when you are surrounded by Nazis.

This truly is a love story set smack in the middle of a horrific time in history. Coralie and Dietrich's relationship seemed so passionate but yet so fragile at the same time.  I loved watching Coralie grow from this young naive girl, to a woman who will do anything to protect those she loves. She lived in a careful balance of being true to herself but also not upsetting those who can put her life in danger. You will witness this teeter-totter of emotions in Coralie and you never quite know how it will work out.

The end of this book was so intriguing and actually shocked me. This is such an important quality in a book for me. I LOVE when I don't see how the author will finish a book or how it will all come together. This is a must-read! It's LONG but not super heavy compared to The Nightingale or other books based on the Nazi occupation of Paris. Pick it up for your next plane ride or longer vacation!

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