10 Ways to Look & Feel Awake

Do you ever have those mornings when you feel like you were hit by a train and you might look like it too? That's me pretty much every. single. day lol. I have to be up by 5:30 for work and I never feel rested getting up at that time. You'd think I would adapt to being a morning person but it's just never happened. So, I have a few things that I consistently do to make sure I look and feel more awake, even though I want to crawl back into bed. 

1. Take a quick shower.

No matter how tired I am, I ALWAYS (at least) take a body shower. I just instantly feel more awake and out of my morning fog. I'm currently using the Tiki Mango Mai Tai body wash from Bath & Body Works and this helps to brighten up my morning as well! *A little helpful hint I learned from my hubby- If you wake up with a headache try alternating the water between hot and cold. It will be a shock to your body but your head will instantly feel better. 

2. Exfoliate

I use the Reverse regimen from Rodan+ Fields and the first step is an exfoliating cleanser. This helps to brighten my skin and get rid of any dull patches. Plus it smells amazing! Even before I used R+F, I always used a gentle exfoliant when I wanted to be fresh and to look more awake. 

3.  Set up your coffee maker the night before.

This is sooo helpful on those especially sleepy mornings. It's one less step to do and the aroma of coffee always lifts my mood. If coffee isn't your thing,  boil water right when you get up so you can some tea or even hot water with lemon. 

4. Start your metabolism.

It's super important to start your day off hydrated and you can't go wrong with lemon in your water. I drink a giant glass of water with a half of lemon squeezed in (almost) every morning. It jump starts my metabolism and helps me to feel more awake. I also make a protein shake to have on the way to work. I'm not big on eating breakfast right when I wake up but I also know it's important to eat within the first hour. A shake is the easiest way for me to have a filling breakfast that's quick to make. I love the Vanilla Vegan Protein with Greens from Beaming. I mix it with a little bit of almond milk. a banana, two dates, ice,  and a scoop of almond butter. YUM! 

5. Moisturize.

This step is key to helping your skin look fresh. Moisturized skin always appears more plump and dewy, which will make you appear more awake. I have oily skin so I don't want anything too heavy but I also don't want my skin to over-produce oil because my face is too dry. It's hard find that nice balance. I go through my skincare routine and then head downstairs for my coffee and to make my lunch. This gives my moisturizer time to set and really hydrate my skin before I apply any makeup. 

6. Open up those eyes.

I always feel more put-together when I have a little makeup on. There are a few things I do to make sure my makeup helps me look fresh and awake. The first is to apply a champagne eye shadow all over my lids (to my crease). It helps to open up my eyes so they appear brighter and larger. I also always make sure to put mascara on my lower lashes as well as the upper lashes. This helps to open up my eyes and balances the look of the dark mascara. I use the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara and this little tube lasts FOREVER. I love that it doesn't transfer under my eyes either. 

7. A little blush goes a long way.

I also always wear a little blush. I alternate between a rosy color from Nars called Oasis and more of a bright- toned blush from MAC called Rosy Outlook. The MAC blush is my go-to for a fresh-faced appearance. It also helps to get rid of that "dead" look that foundation can give you. 

8. Apply eye cream.

I apply eye cream in the morning and at night. This ensures that no matter how little I sleep my eyes won't look tired and puffy. The eye cream also helps to decrease puffiness, the appearance of dark circles, and it even works to diminish those pesky crow's feet. Make sure you let it soak in before you apply makeup or it won't apply evenly. 

9. Haircare bag of tricks.

I think it's important to have a few go-to hair products that you know work well with your hair texture and style. A good dry-shampoo is a must for those 2nd day hair days. Right now, I am LOVING the Living Proof dry shampoo. I also really like the Redken Quick-Tease spray. It gives my hair lots of volume, which I definitely need. On the days when I wash my hair in the morning, I always use the Living Proof Prime Extender because it hodls my curls all day and even into the 2nd day. 

10. Have a go-to outfit ready to go.

 On days, when I just feel sleepy or sluggish I try to accessorize with a pop of color. It's all in my head, I know but a good outfit always makes me feel better! I try to iron a few pairs of pants and tops at the beginning of the week so when I have those rushed mornings, I still feel pulled together and fresh. We all have those outfits that just make us feel good or that are super comfortable (but still put-together). For me, a pair of colored jeans, a flowy top, a sweater, and a long necklace are my go-to. 

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