ORC: Master Bedroom Final Reveal

Reveal week of the One Room Challenge is here! The whole thing flew by so quickly and what a crazy whirlwind. I still can't believe it's over. As the weeks came rushing by, I prayed for time to slow down so I could get everything done that was on my list. That didn't happen! Well let's recap why this was such a crazy time...  I was out of town a few weekends and that put a big damper on room renovations. Then it was near impossible to work on the room during the week because of school kicking my butt and other commitments. Add in trying to take pictures of the room with this time change and you've got yourself a disaster. Excuse my melodramatic self but we only get natural light in the room in the morning or early afternoon, so by the time I get home from work the room is pitch black. That's why you'll notice different coloring in some of the pictures. I still wanted to capture parts of the room but couldn't get the lighting I wanted. Oh well, it happens! That's why I'm not a pro at this! :)

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Overall, linking up with Calling It Home for the One Room Challenge was such a great experience. It got my creative juices flowing and it was so fun to see Mark get so into it. He was a HUGE help on the room and would even help me clean so we could pictures each week. The painting and the shiplap wall could not have been done without him either. No one wants to see me with a nail gun. THANK YOU Mark!

Now, what you've all been waiting for... the room reveal! I don't blame ya if you skipped all this jibber jabber above because the pictures are what you really want to see.

Oh hello Oli!

What do you think?? I am in LOVE with how it turned out!  The room looks so much more cohesive and just serene. I actually like spending time in here now :)

Finally adding a bed really helped to make the room feel more put together. Who would have thought lol??? Also, the headboard is perfect for this space and super comfy too. Even changing the placement of the throw pillows makes it look so much better haha! We are still trying to figure out what to put above the bed though. Originally I wanted this Be Still sign but then wanted to make a sign myself. Then I changed my mind again when I thought of putting a distressed white ship's wheel above the bed. Mark thinks he can make one so that's next on the list of things to do. That's if I can finally make a decision!

salt cellar

The wall color is perfect and I am so glad that we didn't go darker. The lighter sea foam color really brightens the dark room and the white trim looks perfect. It's so hard to get an accurate picture of it though but it pulls a greenish-blue color that is super pretty. When you see it against the white shiplap wall it pops more.




I always use books I'm actually reading on the nightstand. I can't style things that aren't functional to me because it just doesn't end up staying there for long. The paintings above the nightstands are from HomeGoods and I bought them on a whim a few months back. I really love how they turned out. They are beachy but not seashell beachy, ya know? Also, ignore the coaster... I know it isn't cute but it's functional lol.



lantern   |   similar plaque

cotton stems
I LOVE this jug from Kirkland's but I can't find the same one online. It was under $20 and looks great!

I moved a couple items around on the larger dresser (as you can see above). I need to add some flowers to the jar, that was originally by the lantern, so I took it out for now. Styling a room is always a work in progress. I have always like decorating with personal items instead of just picking out a bunch of stuff that goes together. Sometimes that strategy goes really well and other times it's hodge-podged. I feel like it looks more cohesive than it did before but like I said, a work in progress. 

similar plaque 
I have an S-shaped hook all ready to go to add a Christmas wreath to the metal and wood plaque. Can't wait! 



I'm not in love with the frame around this picture so hopefully we can change it out. The painting is just an odd size and we will have to get a custom frame. I really like the painting though and want to keep it because it reminds me of living in San Diego. 



the anchor was a gift from my mother in law a couple years back

we changed out all the light fixtures except for that one lol

This is right by our closet- one of my favorite songs :)

We still haven't found a bench so I just moved our original bench near the doorway and I love how it there. I added a couple lanterns and some throw pillows to give a cozy look. Hopefully we can still find another bench to put at the end of our bed. Also, I can't find the metal tin shown above on Kirkland's website and the lanterns are from our wedding. I love repurposing items!

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  1. Wow this looks great! You did an awesome job!

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