One Room Challenge Week 5

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of ORC post last week but it was pretty uneventful on the room make-over front.  I bought a couple things from Kirkland's but most of our attention was spent on our dining room table.  Mark started building it a few weeks ago and we finished it last week. See my post from earlier this week to take a peek at it!

We seem to have a lot of projects going on in the house, including our latest one, which actually is happening in our master bedroom, yay! We decided to do a faux shiplap wall on a random whim last weekend.  This was an unexpected twist to our original room plan but we needed a focal point and so far nothing was doing it for us. Mark bought all the wood on Thursday and had it finished Sunday night. He seriously amazes me! Now, we just need to paint it white and it's good to go. We've also hung a few items in the room and it's starting to come together. Hallelujah!

I'm only including a couple pictures because I don't want to give too much away in the room. Plus, all the pictures look so dark since our room has terrible natural light. I leave before it's light out and get home when the sun is going down. Hard to take great photos lol. So please forgive me!

Yep we are still missing a bed frame lol!

There are some major items that need to be purchased though... bed frame, bench for the end of the bed, and a wingback chair and small side table. These are BIG purchases so it's been hard to pull the trigger. UGH! I will keep you updated with what we find.

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  1. Your room transformations are quite brilliant and I totally admire the designs you put to the room. Will be eagerly waiting for the next post as well to come soon.