Mets v. Nats game

Hey there everyone! I promise I'm going to get better with posting after school gets going and I'm in a better routine. Right now there is just so much going on! Last weekend, Mark came home (yay!!) and we went up to D.C. for the day to watch Chasen (hopefully) pitch. We met my friend Carly and her husband up there too. I love that we live close enough to see them more often!

love this girl :)
hi Joey!

The drive was super long because of traffic but we got to the stadium just in time. The weather was perfect and the game was super fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Chasen pitch because they had a double header and he pitched the late game. We were already home by then, but it was still a blast!

After the game, we went down to the field to say hi to Chasen and then we headed to the media area so we could go down to the locker room. It's a boys only situation so we just went downstairs but no locker room haha. Still so cool to see the underworkings of a ball field.

We are so proud of Chasen and love coming to watch him play! Hopefully I'll get to see him pitch in person before the season is over :(

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