Happy 30th Birthday Mark

It's my hubby's 30th birthday today! As this post goes up, I'm probably in full freak out mode trying to get the house ready for the party :) I would love to say I'm calm as a cucumber but that definitely doesn't describe me lol. Anyways, onto the birthday boy...

An oldie (picture, not person lol) but a goodie :)

Mark can be described in so many ways.... crazy, funny, hard-working, wild, intelligent, kind, driven, silly, loving, and thoughtful.
He is my rock, the person who keeps me sane and always focused back on the important things in life.
He is my biggest encourager, always believing in me before I even believe in myself.
He makes me laugh, even when I'm so irritated with him and don't want to smile lol. Aren't men always the best at this???
We have so much fun together whether it's sitting on the couch or driving in a car... he always finds a way to make it silly.

I am so thankful for this man and for the years we've spent together. Gosh, who would have thought 6 years ago that life would have taken us to where we are now? Now, I just keep imagining our future and seeing him as a dad. I know he's going to be incredible. Thank you Lord for bringing him into my life. And thank you Lauren and Doug for raising such a good man. I'm so grateful!

Now back to cleaning and cooking to get ready for tonight. Happy Birthday baby!

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