GIANT Weekend Recap {Michigan}

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I can't believe how fast this weekend went by... makes me so sad. If you follow me on social media, you know that we were in Michigan all weekend for a surprise trip for my hubby. I told him Wednesday night that we were going on a trip, but didn't tell him where until we got to the airport on Friday. I love surprises and it's even more fun when you are the on planning them!!

I have soooo many pictures from this weekend so prepare yourself lol!

We got to the airport in the afternoon on Friday and then flew to Chicago before landing in Flint. We were so excited when we finally got to my Grammie's and Aunt Christy's house but we had to go right to bed because 7 a.m. was going to come very early. That's 4 a.m. our time! We headed out early for the tailgate and met up with my Uncle, his girlfriend, and my cousins. So fun to see everyone! The main reason for us going to Michigan was so Mark could attend his first U of M game. It's an experience especially if you've never been to the Big House.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was cool enough in the morning for a vest and boots and warmed up in the afternoon. I was so excited to finally wear some fall clothes. Also, can you believe the trees?? So pretty!

Uncle J and Aunt Christy

Emma, Uncle Jeremy, and Kyler

On Sunday, Mark and I woke up early and took a walk around their town. So cute! The leaves were amazing and we took about a million pictures of the scenery. We had breakfast a cute little place and the sandwiches were so good!

Later on, we went to a nearby apple orchard and had the most amazing fresh donuts I have ever had. HOLY MOLY!!

The next morning, Mark and I took a walk again and went to a few stores that were closed on Sunday. We ventured into a cute little bookstore and purchased a couple books. I know that they are WAY cheaper on Amazon but we couldn't help ourselves! :)

We had the BEST weekend and I'm so sad that it's already over. I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to see my fam and also give Mark a pretty awesome birthday weekend. :)

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