Five on Sunday :)

Hi everyone! I wasn't able to get my post up on Friday so this is a Five on Sunday! :)

One- R+F Convention

I was in Vegas for the Rodan+ Fields Convention this past weekend!! I've been looking forward to this for months and I can't believe it's over already! AHH! The new product launch was announced on Friday and I had been (not-so) patiently waiting to hear the news. I can't wait to tell you more about it! I have tons and tons of pictures from the weekend and I'll share about all the details this week. 

Two- 31 Day Challenge

get the daily workout here 

Ashley and I started the 31 day Tone It Up challenge on October 1st. It's 31 days of workouts with dedicated cardio and toning. We aren't following the Tone It Up nutrition plan because we chose to do the free version haha. I am making an effort to eat cleaner and to also drink half of my body weight in water each day. This is so important for me because a. I get the worst headaches when I don't and b. drinking water is so good for you! 

Each day you're supposed to start with a "booty call." Not THAT kind of booty call...sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter! A booty call is starting your day with 20 minutes of movement, whether that's a walk, run, workout, etc. Just something to get your metabolism going. This has been extremely hard for me because I already get up at 5:30 for work and that's a HUGE struggle lol. I'm trying to give myself grace because this week is pretty hectic 

I really like the workouts because they are easy to follow but challenging at the same time. I'm able to do them in my garage and don't have to worry about scheduling a class to fit in my workout. That being said, I still really like OTF but I'm having a hard time fitting it into my schedule. The last few weeks have been NUTS and I need to have a flexible workout. Hopefully next week when things calm down, I'll be able to fit in OTF 3 or 4 times a week.

Three- Ann Taylor

At the convention, we dress business casual and even though I'm a teacher, that doesn't mean I have business casual clothes. Teachers have their own category of dress haha. I went shopping a few weeks ago to get a couple new pieces to wear during convention and I can also wear them to work. Ann Taylor always has the most comfortable clothes and they are always super flattering. Here are some of my fave picks...

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Four- New Book

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I LOVE Elin Hilderbrand books and I'm excited that the final book in her Christmas series was just released. These books are light reads but always entertain! Fun fact: I'm completely obsessed with Nantucket. I've never been there but it seems like the cutest little town. I would love to go there for the Christmas stroll. 

Five- Disappointing products

I recently tried the Bobbi Brown foundation and I'm so disappointed. It's supposed to work for Normal to Oily skin but it never set on my face. I liked the color and how it evened out my skin tone but it just felt so heavy. I can't stand that in a foundation! I ended up going back to my It Cosmetics CC cream. It's just the best! 

Have a great rest of your day!

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