Five on Friday

It's almost the weekend!! Woot woot! My dad comes in town tonight so that's exciting! Mark and my dad are going golfing and to an MMA fight later tomorrow night. My mom's uncle is refereeing the fight so a bunch of guys made the trip to San Diego to have a guys weekend. I will be spending tomorrow getting coffee and a pedicure with my friend Heidi. I love a good relaxing girls day :)

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1. New Workout Clothes

Burnout Tank

I LOVE getting new workout clothes because it definitely makes me want to work out more often (which is always a good idea). I found a few cute tanks from Old Navy and a workout headband that I have been loving. The tank was on sale for $7 and the headband was on sale for $4. I bought one of their new sports bras but I'm going to return it because it just doesn't fit as well as the old design.  I also picked up a couple other things and I had a $15 off of $50 coupon. I love a good deal!

Tuff Athletics Printed Leggings

I also found a cute pair of patterned workout leggings at Costco for $16.99. They are super comfy and on the thicker side. I have this fear of leggings being too thin and everyone seeing my booty while I'm working out, so thank goodness these passed the test.

2. Everybody Get Walkin...

I can't get enough of this view!

The title is from the lyrics of a song that we sing at Praise & Worship at my work... it was stuck in my head as I was writing this haha. Anyways, I absolutely love to go on walks. Just being outside soaking in the sunshine, while listening to music (or as of late, an audiobook) and getting a little exercise is my idea of relaxation.  We live super close to Sunset Cliffs so I usually go on walks there but lately I have also really enjoyed walking at the Marine Core base near us. They have a track that is always empty so it's nice and quiet. I have been loving going about 30 minutes before sunset and then I walk for around an hour while listening to my audiobook. It's so peaceful. Sometimes I will do sprint intervals and then do different kinds of squats, lunges, and burpees. It's a perfect outside workout. 

3. My Sanity

I have a VERY long commute to and (especially) from school. The first week I started working there I would come home in tears because I was so exhausted from the crazy traffic. The last thing you want to do after a work day is have to slam on your breaks every two minutes because the traffic is so nuts! I finally realized that listening to talk radio or audiobooks would save my sanity (at least on the way home hehe). I have listened to so many books since then and I just finished another great one, The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig. At first I was unsure because the accent really got on my nerves but I grew to actually like the voice and to LOVE the book. I found myself listening to it while walking, getting ready in the morning, and setting up my classroom.  It's a great book about a girl named Rachel Woodley whose mother died unexpectedly. As she is gathering the items left in the home she finds something that leads her to believe her father, whom had been dead for 23 years, was actually alive. The story unveils the layers of deceit, revenge, and love as Rachel explores her past and her future.  I'll do more of a review on the book next week but if I was you I would go download it ASAP!


4. Babies!!

Mark's cousin Laura just announced that she is pregnant and we couldn't be more excited!!! This will be the first baby in our families and we can't wait to spoil the heck out of it. Praying for a healthy pregnancy for Laura and a healthy baby girl... okay a boy will be fine too :)

5. Back to School

Today is our last day of our Inservice week before the kiddos come. I am stressed and praying that I finish everything today. I forgot how much work it is to set up a classroom from scratch. I've gone to Joann's Fabric four times in the last week and I feel they should know me by name haha. I keep going back to get more fabric, ribbon, and other extras that I didn't think about earlier in the week. I know that teaching is about way more than a classroom looking complete but I also know that the presentation of the room is the first things the parents and kids will notice. Just trying to squeeze in as much work as I can today so I don't have to come in over the weekend. I can do this!! 

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