The Third Leg of Our Trip... San Fran

We headed to San Francisco on Thursday morning. We have both been to the city before but never together, so we were excited to explore it with each other. We checked into our hotel and quickly realized that we had somehow mixed up the time for the Padres vs. Giants game. We thought it was a night game but after printing our tickets were realized the game had started an hour and a half before we got to the city. We immediately got in an Uber and headed to the ballpark. We were both wearing nicer outfits because the hotel had a dress code and we probably looked very strange haha. We got there in time for the sixth inning and thank God it was a high hitting game. We ended up being there for a few hours and had a great time.

After the game we walked around for a bit until we decided to hop on the trolley. We took it to the Wharf and found a cozy little bar to have oysters and a drink. We ordered a ton of oysters because they were on happy hour... I love a good happy hour! :) We decided to walk around some more and find a spot for clam chowder. We ended up at Boudin (yes I know it's super touristy, but so yummy!) and shared a bread bowl full of delicious chowder.

Since we were in the area we decided to held to Ghirardelli Square for a sundae because we I hadn't eaten enough at the last two places (yikes). It was delicious! We ended up walking around for a bit more and tried to get on the trolley. Every time one came near it was full, so we ended up walking and finding a dive bar. The bartenders were super interesting and ended up paying for our drinks. Really cool of them! We explored the city some more and we finally made it back to the hotel several hours later. We were exhausted! We had a pizza picnic on our bed and went to bed. Such a full day!

The next morning we decided we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to check out Sausalito and then the Sutro Baths. We found a cute little diner to have breakfast in Sausalito and then walked around for a bit. We loved the houseboats there... seriously the coolest "houses" I've ever seen. I was super excited to go over the Golden Gate bridge on our way there (and the way back) since I've never driven over it. Next time I want to bike it. Then we headed to Lands End and the Sutro Baths.  I had read about Sutro Baths on one of my favorite blogs, Two Peas in a Prada. One of the bloggers lives in San Francisco and had recently taken a friend there.

Here's a little insight and history about the area:
In the late 1800's and early 1900's a millionaire named Adolph Sutro built the second Cliff House in this area and then designed a three acre public bathhouse. His idea behind the bathhouse was to create a recreational and inexpensive way for the San Franciscan residents to swim. They were designed to be able to hold 10,000 people...whoa! People eventually lost interest and the baths were sold and then eventually burned down. Now you can hike around the ruins and the many trails in the area.

We loved exploring this different side of the city!

I had read about a BBQ place called 4505 Burgers and BBQ that was supposed to be amazing. It did not disappoint! We shared a two meat plate with pulled pork, brisket, pickles, coleslaw, and their famous baked macaroni and cheese. WOW! It was soooo ridiculously good and the atmosphere was super neat! If you ever in San Fran I suggest you going there asap.

For dessert we headed to Bi-Rite Creamery to try their infamous Salted Caramel ice cream. The line was crazy long but it was worth the wait. I tried the blackberry cheesecake and the salted caramel. The blackberry was scrumptious but the salted caramel was actually too salty. I know I know it's supposed to be salty but it was WAY too salty.

We decided to leave a day early and head to Reno to visit friends and to meet sweet little Haley.

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