What's Up Wednesday

Two days late... :)

I am linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer to do the What's Up Wednesday post. I saw this on a blog and thought it was super cute.

What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Tri Tip, sweet potato and bell pepper hash from SevenlayerCharlotte (minus the egg), and grilled asparagus
Tuesday- Homemade pizza using the Trader Joe's pizza dough. SOOO good! We also made a replica of Sammy's Woodfire Pizza's chopped chicken salad
Wednesday- We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings because it was a busy night. 
Thursday- Command Dinner at Stone Brewery
Friday- no idea yet because I won't be home until super late.
**We usually cook way more but it's a crazy week**

What I'm Reminiscing About 

Our trip to Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. last fall. We had such an amazing time visiting the Hentschel fam and taking in all the sights in D.C. We were more relaxed than we have been in a long time.  I think I am just really missing Kayla and the rest of the Hentschels and also just being on vacation. So many great memories from that trip.

What I am Loving

Having my hubby home! YAY! 
Also, the Tone It Up workouts. School has been so crazy for me this past month and I have barely been able to go to Orange Theory Fitness (which is where I normally workout). I love the Tone It Up website and the fact that they post weekly schedules with videos and printables that are easy to follow. Even when I can't make a full class at OTF I at least know I can quickly do a 15 minute leg or kettle bell workout. Plus Karena and Katrina are seriously the cutest and looking at their abs immediately makes you want to workout haha.

What We've Been Up To

School, school, and more school. This is such a busy time of year because we have Open House, a field trip, the last assignment for BTSA, classroom awards, ice cream parties, Celebration of Learning, etc. I am looking forward to the end of the year but I will miss this class dearly.
Mark and I spent Monday lounging after the Memorial Day ceremony. We built a floor fort, watched a movie, and drank mimosas. It was so much fun! 
Last night we went to the Command dinner at Stone Brewery. I wasn't really looking forward to it but it was actually a lot of fun. We played corn hole and hung out with Emily and James, which is always a great time!

What I'm Dreading

Moving classrooms next week :( It's like packing up a house but with tons and tons of heavy books. I know that people at school will help us, thank the Lord, but it's still a lot to think about right now. Hopefully the moving process goes quickly and it's not too hot when we actually start moving things. 

What I'm Working On

My best friend Katie's shower is on June 14th so I'm working on getting everything crafted and organized. The theme is a BABY-Q (BBQ) and everything is made with gingham, plaid, and chalkboards. I don't want to give away too many details in case she is reading this :) My mom and I have been working hard to finalize details and I will be crafting a bunch this week too. It's been so much fun to plan!

What I am Looking Forward To Next Month

I am soooo looking forward to our trip up the coast in less than a month. It's so nice to get away and just spend time with each other. Even though Mark has been home for over a month I am still working, so I can't spend a ton of time with him. When we leave for our trip I'll be done with school. WOOT WOOT! We are going to Disneyland, Santa Barbara, Monterey, and San Fran. I can barely contain my excitement!

What I'm Watching/ Reading/ Listening to

I'm still loving Game of Thrones this season, even though not much as happened. We always watch it on Monday nights after dinner and I look forward to it all day :)

I am currently listening to Taya Kyle's American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal. *Audiobooks save me on my LONG drive home. I read American Sniper so I was super interested to hear Taya's version of their life together. It's pretty good so far and I love that it's actually her voice reading the book. 
I am in the need of a new book to read. I started We Were Liars by E. Lockhart a few months ago.  I'm halfway through but just can't get into it. I think I might read Mary Kay Andrews new book called Beach Town. It sounds like a perfect summer time read. 
Click Here for the synopsis 
Also, Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll looks pretty intriguing. 
Click here for the synopsis

What I'm Wearing

I just ordered this tile print dress and these Sam Edelman sandals from Nordstrom. I have been eyeing these sandals for months and finally decided to buy them. So far I am loving them! The dress is super cute as well but I had to buy a backless (sticky) bra to go with it. It's low on the sides so that makes wearing a normal bra tricky. 

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