Mission Trails

Hiking with the Hubby
On Saturday we went hiking in Mission Trails. It was a beautiful day with a mixture of sunshine and being a little overcast. There were a ton of people out hiking with their pups but Mark took me to an area that wasn't very busy. I am a HUGE fan of walks so I was pretty excited when our hike consisted of mostly walking on flat ground. It was just so peaceful and relaxing. Every time we head out to Mission Trails I'm reminded of how much I love it out there. It would be awesome to live so close to so many trails but my commute would possibly be longer. Yikes, no thanks.  I'm hoping we go back again soon.

We headed back home so I could get some stuff done around the house. I also wanted to try out my friend Emily's Smores bar recipe. I completely forgot to take pictures, darn it! They turned out pretty well but not as good as Emily's. They taste like a cookie with Smores ingredients mixed in. Super rich. We then went to the Tavern in Coronado for a date night, followed by seeing Age of Adaline at North Island. I love seeing movies on base since they are free and the movie snacks are super inexpensive. Also, if you haven't been to the Tavern, you should definitely check it out. We had fresh mozzarella bites, a wedge salad, and the roasted chicken that had a honey reduction on top, All of it was soooo yummy. Such a fun day with my hubby!

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