Weekend Recap: Grad Time

Hey everyone! This is coming a little late but I wanted to share about our weekend. We had a super short trip to Richmond for my cousin Sawyer's college graduation. Sawyer is about 9 years younger than me and we grew up across the country from each other. We probably saw each other once every other year or every few years so we didn't spend a ton of time together. I feel like I am just getting to know him as an adult now and it's so fun to see a different side of him. We had a blast celebrating his success and hanging out with the fam.

Our first year living in VA has been tough (for a few reasons) but the main one is that we are so far from our family. A huge blessing is that we have extended family that live pretty close and I am so thankful that we can take advantage of the short distance to see them.

How fun is this??? 

Richmond is such a cute city and I want to go back and explore more. My friend Carly sent me a list of places to go visit so maybe a summer trip is in store to see more of our new state!

SO proud of you Sawyer and so excited for your big boy job starting soon!

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  1. Congrats to your cousin! Looks like it was a good time with family.
    I also purchased cut-out heads of my two teen sons when they graduated.