Weekend Recap {Are we in SD??}

I love him!

We had the most gorgeous weekend here in VA Beach. It was actually warm and made me think we were in San Diego... well kinda lol! On Friday, we had dinner with Pete and Lindsay at Gringos. We had a great time chatting and catching up, plus the margaritas were delicious! Of course, I forgot to take pictures lol... I'm the worst lately!

How cute are the Kendra Scott earrings from my mom?

On Saturday, we ran errands and finally picked up my jeep from the dealership. It has been such an ordeal to get my heat fixed but it's finally done, just in time for spring lol! Just glad to have it back. Afterwards, we went to Taste to have lunch outside. Everyone else has the same idea and it was packed. Our lunch was so yummy though!

Later on, we went to dinner for my friend's birthday. It was fun to meet her friends and to celebrate her big day. Happy Birthday Becky!
We headed over to Tj and Ashley's for dessert and to hang out. We ended up drinking a ton of wine and staying out way too late but it was a blast. I love the Virginia Beach is starting to feel more like home.

Taryn and me

Sunday was a laaaazy day and we slept in. I did manage to run a few errands, write lesson plans, and do laundry though. We headed back to TJ and Ashley's for dinner and holy moly TJ is a great cook. We had the most amazing penne all vodka. I am still full from it but so worth it! We also got to watch Chasen pitch which was so cool! Go Bugs!

We had a great weekend spent with some new friends and a few SD friends too. Now lets hurry up and get to next weekend! :)

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