Confessions {October Edition}

I wish VA Beach looked like this picture! This was taken last year in Michigan. SO pretty!
Hey everyone! I am in the mood to write today but of course failed miserably with taking pictures this weekend or this week lol. Well, I took a picture of our beers at Green Flash but that's about it haha. So I thought why not post a good ole fashioned confessions post. Here we go!

I am so close to breaking down about buying Christmas decor. I can't help it when it's out everywhere and so dang cute!! Kirkland's has the best stuff right now and I'm nervous that it will all be gone. They are pretty much sold out of fall decor so I know it's only a matter of time until the Christmas stuff is flying off the shelf. Don't judge me... I am a Christmas fanatic. :) I love this painting because it's subtle Christmas and this is also a fave.  Also, check out their ornaments. There are SO many cute ones!

These loft jeans are my new fave! They are super comfy, are higher- waisted without being high-waisted (if that makes sense), and fit tightly enough around the ankles. For some reason, most jeans are too baggy in that area or they look like spandex, not a good look.

We have made some BIG progress on our dining room table. Mark designed it himself and has done most of the heavy lifting... buying everything, cutting the wood, sanding the pieces, assembling it, etc. My job has been to stain the table base legs and the bench. It's been pretty time-consuming but I am loving how it's turning out so far. We are planning on having someone apply the lacquer for us because that can be a big job. Hopefully it will be done within a week!

Unfinished base. How cool are those table legs?? Also, ignore the mess in the background lol

The Pioneer Woman has done it again with another great cookbook. I was so excited when this showed up at my door on Tuesday. I had pre-ordered it but kinda forget so it was like a mini-Christmas morning! This book is centered around quick and/ or easy meals. This is right up my alley because I am the world's slowest cook. When a recipe says 30 minutes it will take me an hour lol. I need this cookbook so I'm not standing in the kitchen all night. I already have several pages marked so I can test our some recipes. A full review to come!

I am missing my friends like crazy. This move has been pretty tough for me, way more than I thought it would be. I forgot how lonely it can feel in a new city and I was anticipating to just bounce back quickly lol. I can happily say that I don't cry every week any more so that's an improvement. Also, I've met some really nice people here. I just miss being able to call a girlfriend for last minute dinner plans or call up Dina and Meaghan to go dancing. You know I love a good dancing night!

Can't I just stay home all day and decorate?? I am LOVING decorating our new house minus the fact that I don't have time to do it and it can get really expensive lol. It's so fun to pick out items and watch everything come together. If you've been following my One Room Challenge posts (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3) then you know I committed myself to finishing our bedroom in 6 weeks. Well we made little to no progress this week so I was thrilled when the ORC people extended the deadline. Look for my post this week to see what we've done :)

We are hosting our first Thanksgiving at the house this year. I know it may sound really silly but I've always wanted to host a holiday at our house. We've just never lived in anything big enough to make that happen. Our house will definitely accommodate everyone and when we are finished with the table, we will have a place for everyone to eat lol! I LOVE having people over ( I get it from my mom) and hosting an entire holiday week is like a dream to me. Now if only I didn't have to work that week lol.

I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls again. I just can't get enough. Rory and Lorelai are just the best when they are together. Yes, I know that I am a nerd.

Well that's about it for this confessions post. Hopefully, I'll be back on Monday with a weekend recap. Let's pray I can get my life together by then lol!

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