Weekend Recap {Oysterfest & Emma's Birthday}

Hey everyone! I'm a day late on my weekend recap but that's because I was up late writing a paper on Sunday. Better late than never right?? I had a really fun weekend that was jam-packed with time with friends. Just how I like it :)

We had a half day at school on Friday since it was the last day with the kids. We always do a big performance on the last day of school so it's stressful right up until the last minute haha. The kids did a great job! Afterwards, I had to get my oil changed and ran a few other errands. I was bone tired but didn't want to waste the beautiful day. I ended up going to the beach in Coronado and I relaxed and read for awhile. It's one of my favorite things to do in the summer and it made it feel like vacation was already here!

On Saturday, Emily came over with Goose so he could meet the pups. They played for awhile before we headed to Oysterfest. I had never been before so I was excited to experience something new. We met up with some friends and spent the day listening to music and not eating oysters lol. I only had one the whole time! For an oysterfest they didn't have very many oyster options, oh well lol! We had a great time.

On Sunday, Emily and I got pedicures and breakfast at a new coffee shop in Point Loma. Later on, I headed to Emma's 2nd birthday party. I still cannot believe she is two already! So grown up :(

The rest of the night was spent writing a paper but I'm finally done so hallelujah! Now just three more days of work! So crazy. Have a great day everyone!

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